The M/V Fairload arrived Duluth on Saturday, August 3, 2002, with a cargo of high pressure vessels destined to Syncrude's UE-1 Project near Ft. McMurray, Alberta.
The cargo consists of 8 pieces, totaling 2,217 cubic meters and 409 metric tons (901,412 pounds).
The heaviest piece measures 44.80 meters (147') long by 4.30 meters (14'1") wide by 4.80 meters (15'9") high and weighs 131 M/T (288,800 pounds).

This cargo is for Syncrude's Upgrader Expansion 1 (UE-1) Project near Ft. McMurray, Alberta. This project will extract thousands of barrels per day of synthetic crude oil from tar sands.

The M/V Fairload is equipped with 2 cranes, each with a stated working limit (capacity) of 200 metric tons. This is a picture of the 131 metric ton vessel being lifted from the ship.
Pressure vessels of this size and larger are direct-transferred to waiting special rail cars at Lake Superior Warehousing Co., Inc., at the Port of Duluth, MN.
Two of the pressure vessels were loaded on to 2 rail cars each and will be transported in a bolstered configuration. The cargo will be handled via a special train from Duluth to Ft. McMurray, Alberta via BNSF and CN Railroads. These particular special rail cars are operated by the TTX Company, Chicago, IL.
The M/V Fairload is owned and operated by Kahn Scheepvaart B.v., Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They are also known commercially as Jumbo Shipping. Here the Captain of the M/V Fairload directs his cranes for placement of the 131 metric ton pressure vessel on to 2 special rail cars.
Engineering for Syncrude's UE-1 Project is being handled by an alliance of engineering firms in Calgary, Alberta, and other areas due to the enormous size of this project. All transportation issues are coordinated by Syncrude UE-1's logistics group.
The general agent for Jumbo Shipping in Canada and the Great Lakes Region is Project Transport & Trading, Toronto, Ontario. The local agent in Duluth is Guthrie-Hubner, Inc.
Farewell to the M/V Fairload as she clears the ship canal departing Duluth in the early evening of August 3, 2002.
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