On June 9th, longshoremen at Lake Superior Warehousing began to load 40 wind turbine blades onto the BBC Amazon. The blades, built in Grand Forks, will be taken by the ship to Chile. (more)

LSW employees rig a 40.3 meter blade for removal from a special truck built to transport wind turbine blades. The blades are shipping to LSW from Grand Forks over the next month and will be loaded onto the BBC Amazon in late May and taken to Chile.

The BBC Ontario came into port on June 13th, 2008. Longshoremen at Lake Superior Warehousing then began discharging 11 component sets (minus blades) of Siemens wind turbines loaded in Denmark. Above, 3 spinners from the ship are taken to a lay-down area to await shipment. (more)
The Beluga Revolution arrived Duluth on December 12, 2008 at 3:15 in the afternoon. She started discharging cargo that night. The Loireborg can be seen behind her, at the left. It loaded beet pulp pellets at General Mills before coming over to berth 2 at Lake Superior Warehousing to get water before departing for Algeria. (more).
Discharge of project cargo from the Jumbo Vision began on Tuesday, November 18th, 2008. (more)
Ships, trucks and trains have keep the Warehouse busy this year. Above, we had a full house in early November when this picture was taken.
The Kent Trader arrived Duluth on Friday night, October 3rd. On Saturday morning, Lake Superior Warehousing began to discharge the cargo of 29 Gamesa nacelles loaded in Spain. The morning started out with a heavy fog but it soon cleared. The nacelle above has just been pulled from the cargo hold of the ship and the 2 gantry cranes are slowing bringing it over the side of the ship for placement on a waiting trailer for transport to another area of the Port Terminal. (more)

The tug W. N. Twolan came into port for the second time this season on Monday, September 29th, and as on the first trip in June, she was pushing the barge McAllister 132, loaded with wood pulp bales.

The BBC Maine arrived Duluth on September 16th, 2008 with a cargo of wind turbine parts built by Siemens in Denmark. The next morning, gantry cranes at Lake Superior Warehousing Company, Inc began to discharge the cargo, all made in Denmark by Siemens.
Thursday, August 28th, 2008: the SCL Bern (right) had just arrived in port to discharge wind turbine components. She took the place of the Flinterland (left). She left the port after loading 54 wind turbine blades for Brazil.
The Flinterland arrived Duluth on August 27th, 2008 and began loading a cargo of wind turbine blades for Brazil. She replaced the BBC Plata at Berth 1. The Plata, behind the Flinterland, had just completed discharging wind turbine parts and was preparing to depart the port.
The above piece, a 405 ton containment vessel loaded in Kobe, Japan, was taken off the Daniella on Sunday, August 3, 2008. It was placed onto a special double rail car that will shortly leave for a ConocoPhillips refinery project in Billings. It is a hydro treatment reactor, a pressurized vessel that, along with high temperatures and an added catalyst, can extract sulfur from crude oil, providing a cleaner end product. Carl Siroky, the project manager for ConocoPhillips in Billings, was in town overseeing the cargo transfer. He described it as an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulation driven project. Above, it is seen on Tuesday evening, August 5th after it was pulled from the dock at Lake Superior Warehousing. It is expected to depart Duluth for Billings on Thursday.
The Daniella (above) started to discharge a cargo of container vessels destined for Alberta on August 2nd, 2008. The BBC Maine (below) arrived the same day with a cargo of wind turbine parts built by Siemens in Denmark.
The Hans Lehmann came into port on Sunday evening, July 12, 2008. Longshoremen at Lake Superior Warehousing began discharging 22 nacelles the next day.
The Marlene Green arrived Duluth on June 29th, 2008 at 10:53 am.
The tug Margot and barge Lockwood 1000 sit at the Port Terminal on Wednesday night, June 25th, 2008. The next day, the cargo on the barge was discharged. (more)
The BBC Elbe arrived in Duluth on Thursday morning June 19th, 2008, with a cargo of wind turbine parts. Above, she is backing into the slip at the Port Terminal where she began discharging her cargo very soon after arriving. (more)
The BBC Ontario came into port on June 13th. Longshoremen at Lake Superior Warehousing began discharging 11 component sets (minus blades) of Siemens wind turbines loaded in Denmark the next day. (more)
The Liamare discharged a cargo of wind turbine parts built by Gamesa in Spain on June 2nd, 2008. (more)
A nacelle is lifted from the cargo hold of the Asiaborg onto a truck on Friday evening, May 10th, 2008. (more)
The BBC Zarate brought the first cargo to Lake Superior Warehousing Co, Inc for the 2008 season. She came under the Lift Bridge at 6:13 in the morning and is seen above approaching the ship at the Port Terminal. Cargo discharge began at 8 am. (more)

The Beluga Energy (left) and the BBC Ontario (right) closed out Lake Superior Warehousing's 2007 cargo ship activity. The Beluga Energy discharged wind turbine pieces from Spain. They will be taken by truck to North Dakota. The BBC Ontario arrived Duluth on December 1st to first load beet pulp pellets and then wind turbine blades, both cargos coming to Duluth from North Dakota. Both cargos were taken to Spain. More on the Beluga Energy. More on the BBC Ontario.

On Sunday, August 12, 2007, the last wind turbine blades were placed on the Beluga Expectation. She left later that day for Spain. Above, a trailer truck from B & K Trucking of Marathon, Wisconsin is ready to back one of the 25 blades next to the ship. It was loaded onto a lower deck; five blades were later loaded onto the weather deck.
Longshoremen at Lake Superior Warehousing work to load a nacelle from the S.Pacific onto a waiting trailer on Friday evening, June 22, 2007.
Mid-America's Gateway to the World, Minnesota's World Port has heavy lift capabilities of 81 metric tonnes per crane (approximately 125 metric tonnes in tandem). 

The Clure Public Marine Terminal lies inside one of the greatest natural harbors in the world.

There are seven berths available (6,600 lineal feet of dock space) at full Seaway draft (8.23 meters = 27 feet). 

Generous clearances allow truck and rail transport of "high~wide" shipments to or from points throughout North America.

Four railroads (BN, CN, CP and the UP), an interstate highway system, and a score of motor carriers make the Port of Duluth an energetic transportation center in the heart of North America.

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